UBot Launcher

UBot Launcher by IM Autobots

UBot Launcher is a free script by HelloInsomnia of IM Autobots. It is a useful little application that I now keep open permanently and always use it to open my UBot Studio Scripts.

What are the Benefits to launching bots in this way?

Benefits of using UBot Launcher to launch my UBot scripts:

  1.  I can choose which plugins I want to load, which means the bot loads up in the studio much quicker.
  2.  I can choose whether to open the bot in UBot Studio 4 or UBot Studio 5.
  3.  When I navigate to a file, it will automatically select the plugins that are used in that UBot file.
  4.  I can instantly see the current plugin versions loaded in a neat list for ease of accessability.
  5.  There is also the option to Drag & drop Ubot files into the interface.
  6.  There is also a Plugin Updater, which notifies you of new and outdated plugins.


UBot Launcher by IM Autobots
UBot Launcher by IM Autobots

UBot Version 4.0 or UBot Version 5.0?

Although I try to use UBot Studio 5 most of the time, I still find v4 is more stable in certain instances and some of the older plugins are not compatible with v5. Trying the script out in both versions can also be handy for troubleshooting.

UBot Launcher has been around since 2014 and is updated periodically. You can untick “Change Plugins”, select the plugins you want, load up as many scripts as you want and those ticked plugins won’t change.

Where can I get UBot Launcher?

UBot Launcher can be downloaded here: http://imautobots.com/downloads/ubot-launcher/ at IM Autobots, where there are also a range of other useful plugins for sale and for free, along with some informative UBot Studio training courses in regular expressions and advanced UBot Studio techniques.

IM Autobots also sells an advanced version of UBot Launcher for just $20. This is called uLibrary and as well as launching scripts, uLibrary allows you to quickly view and copy your code without the need to launch UBot Studio.

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