How do I mass delete all tweets or favourites on Twitter?

Twitter Archive Eraser delete all tweets
Twitter Archive Eraser

Are you looking for a quick way to mass delete every tweet you’ve ever posted? Perhaps you’re after a fresh start, or it’s time to go job hunting and you’d rather clean up your social profile before starting. Well thankfully there is a free and open source solution to this age old problem, that makes erasing your twitter history a snap.

Twitter Archive Eraser – Delete Your Oldest Tweets, Favorites And Direct Messages In One Click!

Twitter Archive Eraser can erase thousands of your tweets automatically. One user deleted about 500.000 tweets using this awesome little app.

You will need to download your Twitter archive from within Twitter and a link will be sent to your registered Twitter email account for you to download it, so make sure your Twitter account email is up to date and accessible before attempting this step.

It is very easy to use. Simply download the Twitter Archive Eraser application onto your computer. Open it, click to agree to the terms, click to authorize your Twitter account, copy the verification code into the software and off you go.

You can choose which tweets to delete individually, by month or all.

Step by step instructions and full download details can be found here:

“Thank goodness for the Twitter archive eraser.” – Follow


Twitter Archive Email Never Arrives

When you request your Twitter Archive sometimes the email never arrives. This is frustrating because the button to request that they resend the archive usually remains disabled for a number of days.

Go to:

Turn off ‘Email Notifications’ so that ‘Email is Disabled’

If you aren’t receiving your Twitter archive, try turning off this setting first. It’s a strange Twitter bug that has been around for several years but hasn’t been fixed.

Twitter Email Notifications Disabled
Email Notifications Disabled to receive Twitter Archive



If the Request your archive button is greyed out then it is in a disabled state and will probably remain that way for at least 24 hours. Try back again a day or two later and re-request your archive.

Request Twitter Archive Button Disabled for 24 hours
Request Twitter Archive Button Disabled



Once you’ve finally received your Twitter Archive email then you can go back to:

and Turn on ‘Email Notifications’ so that ‘Email is Enabled’ again.

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