Advanced renamer Bulk Renaming Software

Advanced Renamer

July 1, 2017 automates 0

Advanced Renamer is a batch renamer program that can rename multiple files and folders at once. It is developed for Microsoft Windows and released as […]

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Bulk Resize Photos

July 28, 2016 automates 0

I often find myself needing to batch resize a group of photographs. It can be time consuming to individually resize each image using pixlr or […]

What are Bots?

What are Bots?

April 14, 2016 automates 0

The word bot is simply short for Robot. In recent years Internet bots (also known as WWW robot, webbot and web robot) have increased in […]

Sikuli Script automate flash websites

What is Sikuli?

March 25, 2016 automates 0

Sikuli is a technology that uses a “Visual Image Match” to automate and test the creation of a graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots […]

Backup Tumblr Tumblripper Instagram Photos Images


March 8, 2016 automates 0

TumblRipper is a tool designed to backup your blog’s images (either Tumblr or Instagram) with just a few clicks. It supports updating and will only […]