Casino Betting Strategy – Roulette Black or Red – Will you be a winner?

Roulette Red or Black Betting Strategy System
Roulette Red or Black Betting Strategy

I’m becoming increasingly interested in betting strategies. I’m not sure that any truly work without an endless pot of cash, but there are no doubt that some definitely give you an edge if you are willing to risk an initial stake. I’ve also no doubt that there are probably a select few betting strategies that absolutely DO work, but they are sure to be complex and TOP SECRET, because no one operating such a strategy is going to willingly disclose their secrets to all and sundry.

When it comes to roulette, it is the ultimate game of chance, a very straightforward casino game that everyone loves and anyone can get to grips with. The first recognisable roulette game was played in a Paris Casino way back in 1796.  A very simple betting strategy for roulette is simply to keep betting on red or black, choose the colour that is currently winning, run with it and then as soon as it changes to the opposite, you should change too. With odds of 48.6% then it’s the best odds you’re going to get in a casino, but this is not a strategy that will ever work online. I’ve had better luck with it in real-life casinos, but never on the Internet.  Remember the house always has an edge and this is usually 5.26% on a double zero roulette wheel.

Lottery tickets are a sure fire way to lose your hard earned cash. Casino games give you better odds but the casino always has that 5.26% edge.

When you buy scratchcards and lottery tickets your odds of winning are very slim. The recent changes to the UK National Lottery mean that you’d have more chance of naturally conceiving triplets than winning the jackpot. This is where casino games give you better odds. The odds are still stacked against you from the outset, what with the house edge, but at the end of the day, you’ve more chance of winning at Roulette than you do at a scratchcard.

If you want to have as close to a 50% chance of breaking even or winning every time you go to the casino then the best advice I can give you is to take your stake, put it all on Black or Red on the Roulette table. If you win, put your original bank roll in your pocket and continue to gamble with your winnings. Alternatively take your winnings and go home feeling proud of yourself. If you lose, you cut your losses and go home.

Betting Strategy: Double Your Stakes To Win

Another alternative, is to choose one colour and STICK WITH IT until you win- but double your stake, each time your chosen colour loses. This is based on the Martingale strategy of betting where the gambler will double his bet after every loss, so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake.


It’s not impossible, it’s simple, tried and true and followed by many casual and professional bettors. It is also legal, because it is quite simply a mathematical method.

1. Register online at a casino such as Virgin Games, William Hill or Betfair.

Deposit your initial stake (you should get your initial stake matched if you are a new customer)

Follow these steps:

1. Make a bet of £1 on Red;

2. If Black occurs, continue to bet on Red, this time double the bet, put £2;

3. If Black occurs again, continue to bet on Red and keep doubling the bet stake, this time placing £4 and keep doing this until Red wins.

4. When Red appears, you win and earn £1 (you spent £1+£2+£4=£7, you win £8, £8-£7=£1 profit) – Now you begin again, with a £1 bet again, only this time on Black, repeating the process until the moment when Black wins and again return to placing your £1 bet on Red!

5. If Zero occurs, keep doubling on the same colour!

With this roulette red or black betting method, you can see how your winnings will gradually increase. With each bet you place, you have a 48.6% chance of winning or losing. In gambling 48.6% is good odds (and the best odds you’re ever going to get in a Casino) but these odds are increased with this strategy because your chance of losing decreases with each bet placed. Virgin Games are offering £40 free when you deposit £20. Check it out here.


The chance of you losing decreases towards 0% while your odds of winning increase to 100%.
By doubling your stake each time, your chance of losing decreases and in cases of a loss you only have to keep doubling the bet until you win and all the previous loses will be covered. Of course the main caveat with this method is that you have to have a pot that allows you to double your bet 8 to 12 times. It is unlikely that the same colour will appear more than 7 times in a row but when you are starting out you should cover yourself with a large setup fund. Superstition is rife in gambling and is completely unfounded. Using your level headed brain, remember that statistics never lie. You’re only seeing a small part of the bigger picture, so if you think you’re on a winning streak and that Lady Luck is on your side, she’s not.

Good luck, SIGN UP NOW and earn you first big money online.


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