What are Bots?

What are Bots?

April 14, 2016 automates 0

The word bot is simply short for Robot. In recent years Internet bots (also known as WWW robot, webbot and web robot) have increased in […]

Learn Excel with Wyzant Microsoft Excel Affordable Tuition

Learn Excel with Wyzant

March 16, 2018 automates 0

Wyzant Connects Experts with Students Looking for 1‑to‑1 Instruction Learn Excel with Wyzant on your terms from an expert tutor. Private, 1–on–1 lessons with the […]

Scrape Pinterest Pin Data UBot Studio

Scrape Pinterest Data to CSV

July 8, 2017 automates 0

For this task to scrape Pinterest Data to CSV file I want to navigate to a Pinterest search eg: https://uk.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=orange%20trees I then wrote a bot to […]

Twitter Logo Social Network

Scrape Twitter Tweet Text with UBot

July 2, 2017 automates 0

This UBot code quickly and easily scrapes 500 tweets from a Twitter search: clear list(%tweets) ui text box(“Hashtag Search Term:”,#searchTerm) navigate(“https://twitter.com/search?q=%23{#searchTerm}&src=typd”,”Wait”) wait for browser event(“Everything […]

Advanced renamer Bulk Renaming Software

Advanced Renamer

July 1, 2017 automates 0

Advanced Renamer is a batch renamer program that can rename multiple files and folders at once. It is developed for Microsoft Windows and released as […]